Reading Material at IQRA


The ‘Qamar Islamic Studies’ book series provide knowledge of the most essential aspects of Islam whilst helping to bring a child’s faith to life through regular practice.

The books build on the foundations contained within the Qur’an and Sunnah by bringing blessed Islamic principles to life in the classroom and beyond.

Qamar covers core areas in Aqidah (tenets of faith), Fiqh (rulings), Seerah (Propehtic biographies) and Akhlaq (manners) within a simple framework which is tailored to suit the developing needs of the learner.

Each of the Three Level’s in the series have been split into these four categories and have been colour co-ordinated accordingly :

  • Aqidah (Belief),
  • Fiqh (Rulings),
  • Tarikh (History),
  • Akhlaq (Manners).

Each books contains colourful illustrations, exercises and classroom activities that will make learning fun.